Saturday, 22 December 2012

"What are you doing?" "I am looking at Aer Lingus' website, checking for a flight for you"

...and this is literally how it started. I actually took some days off to go to Belgium in order to see a friend...but unfortunately, poor Briseida broke her ancle and we had to postpone the trip. So i thought - well, why not ask Patrick...two and a half weeks later i found myself in Munich, sitting in a plane about to start off to Dublin. Landing in Dublin all i could think was: what the actual fuck are you doing. Now i know, i did the best thing ever. I went there to meet lovely Patrick, who i got to know on a commons friends birthday party in 2008. I visited him in January and that is where the friendship began. By now i consider him one of the most special persons in my life. My spontaenous trip to Ireland was (to say it in Irish words) "the craic"! I have had the most amazing and funny times, met some amazing people, seen amazing things like the Giants Causeway, all up north... got to drive a huuuge car on Ireland motorways, by coincidence found out that my favourite band ( Check them out in the link i put below!!!) are in Dublin whilst i was there and spend two days in the UK - Belfast. Whenever I have been to Ireland, I have been in county Cork only (except for a day or two...) so this was completely new and exciting to me :-) Thank you Pat for the a m a z i n g time...! Best of all: if we are lucky, he will be in Germany with me on friday! If we are not lucky...I will be flying to London on Saturday. I cannot stop thinking about how crazy my life is and i could not love it more! I am thankful to have a good job, amazing friends, the best flatmate in the world, a lovely family...and generally, a good life. Not many have such a life and i know that i can feel blessed about it - and i do, i do...

Sunday, 2 December 2012

November - Work, packing bags, booking flights and anaesthesia

I was never the type of person to enjoy autumn very much and it was indeed a bit of a stressful autumn. There are times when you should listen to your body. Imagine someone keeps on shouting at you, shouting "hey you slow down! stop for a while!" well. That is exactly what i ignored. End of story was me ending up in a medical checkup in hospital, knocked out by anaesthestics. Funny how the last thing I remember is calling the nurse "Hey! There is something wrong i am still wide awake..." and the next thing I knew was waking up in a completely different room saying dumb things like "May i ask you a question? Am i already done?" :)

I feel much better now though and it was, again, no kind of negative stress i have been through, it was positive stress. I found a new job and put all my energy and thoughts on it. It has been two months there now and i start to feel really comfortable and good there and able to calm down and relax. Besides work, i booked my flight to NEW YORK CITY where i will go on June 1st with my flatmate Simon, visiting his family in NY, Washington DC and Charleston. Philadelphia is also on our list of must see's. I was never the type to be super excited about travelling, because it became kind of a routine. Every journey is special and exciting to me, the people i meet and the things i see, it is just my greatest hobby - but the thrill of anticipation is not the same anymore. However, it is different with America. You may not believe it but i have never been on any other continent except Europe. Talking about Europe, i will sit on a plane to Dublin in three days, which is incredible. Like, incredible. Because it was unplanned! It was a quick decision made up in a skype conversation with my dear Patrick, who is from Cork - where i used to live. It will be the first time for me going to Ireland and NOT seeing Cork but a completely different part - the north. Wicklow mountains, Belfast, Northern Ireland in general. By the end of the year i'll have been to Ireland, UK, Italy (including Vatican), Czech Republic, France and Spain which is like mind-blowing. It makes me realize that i am blessed with the greatest life i could think of. The people in it, the things i have seen - so much beauty sometimes i think it is more than i can take... I am off for now - i need to pack my bags as i won't get to do it the next two days. Tuesday i am off to Munich and wednesday morning i'll be up in the air... On cloud number nine ;) Last but not least, enjoy my little november collection of pictures...ugh, i need a new camera. My CANON got stolen in Spain and i still didn't manage to buy a new one...

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Shooting "Living History"

When Simon (my best friend) and I attented another medieval event in october we met Stephan and Daniel - two photographers, when hiding in a tend as it was raining so much. Somehow we started chatting until they asked to take pictures of us in our customes. So we met - one day later. Now that was a very spontaenous shooting and the first time i ever had an actual shooting and wasn't behind the camera!

Pictures by Stephan Feige and Daniel Bossy

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Art of Living

... is the most beautiful kind of art. Again, i have no words for the beauty of the life i lead.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Tenerife 2012

Karaoke bar...beach...cocktails...a lot of wine...swimming...dolphins...cliffs...lovely food...laughs...sun sun sun... Sounds good eh? It was. Basically this defines my holiday in Tenerife. One of my closest friends, Sabrina, moved there one year ago and build up a life on sunshine island. She invited me to come over for a 1 week holiday and you would not really think twice about that would you? Also, and that was really the main reason I said yes, i miss her here. We used to have the best times here in Erfurt, partying every weekend or having lovely conversations over a cup of some hot white chocolate. And not even the fact that i have been robbed and a total value of 1000 € has been stolen , and even the fact that i had to go to 3 different police stations on my last evening could not ruin the epic holidays i had...I will let pictures and videos speak for themselve though... enjoy ;)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Karaoke at News Cafe, Torviscas from Unbilo ontherun on Vimeo.

Tenerife 2012 from Unbilo ontherun on Vimeo.

Germany - Faeroe Islands

Oh my...busy days beyond me, i was thinking about where to start and whether to put it all down into one post or two or three different posts and i have chosen the latter... It all started with the match Germany: Argentinia in Frankfurt. I was there and my new hobby started there - seeing football matches live. I have already been obsessed about football when i was a child, going to couple of matches with my father, even to Leverkusen, which is next to Cologne - that means it is very far from where i live. Now so, my obsession never really stopped but since 2010 i am all on for soccer again. The match was brilliant, our team strong and we won 3:0 ... Next stop: Berlin? Let's see if we can do it...

With Maren who i have met on Facebook in a Jogi Löw group.. ;)

Mats Hummels after the match

Our goalkeeper Neuer - what he did during most of the match.. :P

Germany - and our current goal - the qualification for the World Cup in Brasil

Monday, 27 August 2012

Tour de dreams - about the best 5 days of my life...

So i already posted about the Argentina-Germany match in Frankfurt (that would be day 1). This was part of my 5-day holiday tour around Germany. I swear, those were seriously the best holiday i have ever had in my entire life. 1900 km 2 countries 8 cities 100 incredible moments and memories 1 moment of a lifetime


Day 2: After driving back to Erfurt in the very early morning, i caught no more than 4 hours of sleep and even had to go to the dentist in the morning. However, as soon as i walked out i was in holiday mood. I went home and was wondering what to do now. I knew I'd have to be in Freiburg (about 5 hours by car , in the very south of Germany) in the early morning the next day. So i spontaneously had an idea... why not already go to Heidelberg? I booked a hotel room and 3 hours later i found myself in Bammental, a ville next to the city of Heidelberg. It was lovely there. Quite, surrounded by forests and hills, beautiful, friendly. I enjoyed being on my own, in the most peaceful mood ever. Especially the evening was lovely. Just lying on my supersize bed, eating Italian take away food, watching a simpsons episode :)


Day 3: After a looong and pleasent sleep i instantly started up driving to Freiburg, picking up my friend Christiane , whome i have never met before. At least not in real life, but we got to know each other in 2010, reading each others stories - that is something i did not mention yet. I write stories. It is my most passionate hobby. She came all the way from Hannover, which is really far aways from Freiburg, just like Erfurt. We had the greatest time ever in Freiburg which i now consider as the most beautiful city of Germany. Not only is it beautiful in its looks but also in its mentality. The people of Freiburg - oh how very relaxed they are! You seriously never see anyone not looking happy or smiling. So many people started talking to us - in their very lovely accent :-) We had a nice quite evening in the city, also meeting her friend and went to bed not so late because Christiane and I were both kind of wrecked :)


Day 4: This day was insane. It actually was the best day of my entire life. We planned to drive to Schönau, which is located in the black forest, but wanted to go shoe shopping before doing so. So, in the morning we went shopping and - as always - gossiped about our hero - Joachim Löw, coach of the German national football team. We both have a serious crush on him and if it wasnt for him we would actually not even know each other...true story. As we went back to the hotel we looked up and could not believe our own eyes. There, walking towards us, was mister Löw himself. We knew he lives in Freiburg but we never even thought about randomly seeing him there! Not even for a second! But there he was! Whilst Christiane totally lost her nerves i recollected mine and took her hand. All i said was " i know." I took her hand, turned around and we'd follow him. I grabbed my camera and called "Mister Löw?" He instantly turned around and i asked for a picture. He was polite enough to say yes although he was with a friend of his and although we were disturbing his leisure time. Christiane and I are still talking about that one random meeting and we will probably still be doing so in 50 years... Afterwards we finally went to the black forest, 45 minutes from Freiburg. Actually, we got lost on the way and even spend 1 or 2 minutes in France :D But when we were driving through the black forest i was just stunned by the beautiful nature. The air was hot, sun was shining, Amy MacDonald CD on, windows down and we were just driving up these tiny roads on the mountain. It was so beautiful that i ended up in tears of happiness. Back in Freiburg we had a lovely dinner and romantacized about that beautiful day.




Day 5: Was pretty relaxing. We were spending the last day in the city, climbed up the cathedral stairs up to the top and spend most of the time in the so called "Bächle", tiny water streams that float all over the old city centre, where you can just relax in the sun and cool your feet. In the evening i had to say goodbye to Christiane at the station - we were both in tears - and afterwards i met another friend of mine to get to France. This may sound weird but it isn't as the French region "Alsace" is only 40 minutes by car from Freiburg. I stayed in lovely Kaysersberg with my Couchsurfer who was really nice :-) Kaysersberg is an incredibly old and beautiful town. At night, the 3 of us climbed up the castle which is located on a hill above the town. I sat on top, all alone, summer wind in my hair , staring at the city lights which were "dancing" in the summer heat. The next day, my friend and i were sightseeing Colmar and then i went back all the 600 kilometres to Erfurt -by car.



I still think Freiburg is the most beautiful place i have ever been to and i want to go back - not as a tourist but to live there. Give me two or three years and i swear i will be living down there ;) For now - enjoy the pictures and the most horrible video i ever created. I really didn't put much effort in it - i was too lazy :D sorryyyy ..but it shows some really nice moments like the last part of the can see how our hands were shaking after meeting Jogi Löw

TourDeDreams from Unbilo ontherun on Vimeo.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Germany - Argentina

National Anthem Germany @ Germany - Argentina 15th August 2012 from Unbilo ontherun on Vimeo.

I made one my biggest dreams come true. Again. This is definately the summer of realized dreams for me :-) Since I am 12 I aaaalways wanted to see the German team play live. Now I did! My friend and I went to Frankfurt by car to see the friendship match between Germany and Argentina. And although we lost, it was one of the very best experiences of my life. I cannot describe the athmosphere. After a first glance into the arena Karsten and I quickly turned around - because it took our breath away! It really left me breathless. There is no such feeling like 50.000 voices singing the national anthem :-) And another very personal wish came true: i finally got to see Mister Joachim Loew and his assistant trainer live with my own two eyes... complete happiness overload. PS: i already got a new ticket... for a Germany match that will take place in 3 weeks. My life is complete (no joke - it really is. Thank you universe)

I am currently on vacation in Freiburg and will come up with an extremely exciting post quite soon...