Monday, 24 September 2012

Tenerife 2012

Karaoke bar...beach...cocktails...a lot of wine...swimming...dolphins...cliffs...lovely food...laughs...sun sun sun... Sounds good eh? It was. Basically this defines my holiday in Tenerife. One of my closest friends, Sabrina, moved there one year ago and build up a life on sunshine island. She invited me to come over for a 1 week holiday and you would not really think twice about that would you? Also, and that was really the main reason I said yes, i miss her here. We used to have the best times here in Erfurt, partying every weekend or having lovely conversations over a cup of some hot white chocolate. And not even the fact that i have been robbed and a total value of 1000 € has been stolen , and even the fact that i had to go to 3 different police stations on my last evening could not ruin the epic holidays i had...I will let pictures and videos speak for themselve though... enjoy ;)

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Karaoke at News Cafe, Torviscas from Unbilo ontherun on Vimeo.

Tenerife 2012 from Unbilo ontherun on Vimeo.

Germany - Faeroe Islands

Oh my...busy days beyond me, i was thinking about where to start and whether to put it all down into one post or two or three different posts and i have chosen the latter... It all started with the match Germany: Argentinia in Frankfurt. I was there and my new hobby started there - seeing football matches live. I have already been obsessed about football when i was a child, going to couple of matches with my father, even to Leverkusen, which is next to Cologne - that means it is very far from where i live. Now so, my obsession never really stopped but since 2010 i am all on for soccer again. The match was brilliant, our team strong and we won 3:0 ... Next stop: Berlin? Let's see if we can do it...

With Maren who i have met on Facebook in a Jogi Löw group.. ;)

Mats Hummels after the match

Our goalkeeper Neuer - what he did during most of the match.. :P

Germany - and our current goal - the qualification for the World Cup in Brasil