Thursday, 27 May 2010

Meanwhile in Prague...

Stop blaming me for not posting anything since 39393 years. I've been busy. Sooo busy you cannot imagine how busy i was. No, actually I wasn't. What i needed to do is to sort my life out. And guess what. I am still NOT done with that. If too many bad things happen at once it is hard to get up to your feet and restart enjoying life. I just keep on telling me: things will get better, things will get better, yes they will... in 1 year time you'll be rich n lucky n all. YES I CAN!

Till that day i will just keep on distracting me with random journeys. Last sunday 2 friends of mine and me decided to travel to Prague. I didnt even spend more than 6 € ha! Well, i must be honest n all: I did not expect anything spectecular. I guess it's the stereotypes n prejudices in my mind: how could czech be any beautiful? I was completely wrong! I think Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe (of the ones i have seen so far ..) it is a bit of a mixture of Rome and Paris, but then again, it is something completely new...

Saturday, 1 May 2010

The memories that touch our heart, will never fade...

† 25 April †

On Sunday something tragic happened. Something, that cannot be understood.

He was a pastor. "A good one, a unique one", that was what everyone said. Always had an open ear for everyone. If you had any problems , he would try to solve it. Any problem - but his own problems.

At the age of only fiftynine he committed suicide.

The last week was a dark week. So will the next weeks be. Even worse, if nobody understands why you are suffering. But how could I ever explain what he meant for me. I simply can't. All I can say is that he was much more important to me than everyone thought. I am not talking about love such as between two lovers here. I am talking about friendship.