Saturday, 30 July 2011


"What is it a ship?" asked my friend...
My answer:

"The idea of the Albion was created by Pete Doherty and his band- and ex best mate Carl Barat. It is the ship en route Arcadia, the paradise everyone can create in their head. A dreamland free of any laws and moral standarts, just liberty. But in fact, the journey is the destination. We all know that. Arcadia is the highest of dreams but who knows, maybe i will once end up saying This is it. Arcadia. Maybe in this life, maybe after this life."

In Peters words: The symbolism is that Albion is a passageway to Arcadia, a utopian society without rules or boundaries, where "life trips along, pure and simple as a shepherd's song." Mentaly of good deeds, freedom and lust of life.

After all those years i can still identify myself with it, I'd even describe myself with that one word: Albion. I live the idea, i always did, ever since i know about it. It means everything to me.
Pictures below: (1) My Albion tattoo which i got in September 2008 in Ireland [Munster Ink] (2;3;4) Pictures taken at a shooting in 2010 (5) Random photography by Chris

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bavaria 2011

Back from the short and stressful holiday...
I spend some days in southern Germany region Bavaria with one of my best mates, Simon. Originally we just planned to go to "Gauklernacht", which is one of the largest medieval events all over Germany, but we decided to make it a 4 day holiday, including a trip to Munich and the Alps. Whilst Munich and I did not really become friends (all i really liked about it were basically the underground stations and BMW World)i found myself in love with the Alps. I can't remember the last time I've been there, I was definately younger than 10 and totally forgot how stunning the area is. We went down to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and stood right in front of the highest mountain of Germany, the only thing that stopped us from going up there was the exaggerated price that was to pay. Anyway i had to hold back some tears, being overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape.
The medieval event itself was fantastic!! But theres one thing i learned: Never ever drink elderberry wine again... (Friday afternoon. Me: I seriously cannot remember where we were last night, did we go out? Simon: We actually came here for "Gauklernacht"... "oh..")





Friday, 15 July 2011

Yiddish Summer Weimar

It was a boring evening in Erfurt, same time last year, when my friend Tanja and me decided - out of a mood - to see if there is something going on in Weimar, which is nearby. We weren't expecting much, Weimar is not a very big city...but we found something that i could never let go of. On the market there were people singing, dancing, laughing, the guests singing along, they looked like a band of gipsies to me,singing in a language i have heard before, long long time ago (when i was a 12 year old girl in one of our music lessons in secondary school)... yiddish. A language and culture that should not be forgotten. And the team of "Yiddish Summer Weimar" does an amazing job making people aware of it. I'd say not just aware...they do make them interested. Every summer they offer workshops in Weimar, also having concerts and jam sessions (which i love the most!) in this cultural city, giving not only their music and culture but also kindness, brotherliness and very very precious memories. Thank you, Other music e.V. team.

To give you a feeling of what is happening, i took some videos and cut them together into one video. And theres another whole video of them covering the Irish song "Dirty old town" (much better than the original! Great job!). Enjoy!

And some more pics from the evening...(the dessert you see on the first pic is called "Baklava", a DELICIOUS arabic dessert - the jam session took place at "Divan", an arabic restaurant).





5 months and 50 shops later....

I spend the past 5 months looking for a dress to wear at my brothers wedding, which is gonna take place on 2nd of September already. The problem: it had to be purple. My cousin and me are going to be the widnesses and decided to wear purple ones because both bride and groom will have some purple detail in their outfit. Now every shop I looked at didn't have a single purple dress! Seems like the colour is totally out of fashion?! Thanks to a hint of my friend Linda i went to C&A today and I couldn't believe what i saw. The whole shop seemed to be full of purple dresses! In the end i put on 7 dresses and decided to take this very dress, please let me know what you think.

Friday, 8 July 2011

I love my blog!


Pimkie Bloglovin Shirt...i just couldn't resist.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Partner blog: The Spirit of Sound

"Music. It is accompanying everyones life, it makes our mood swing, it brings up memories, it makes us dance, it makes us sing, it makes some peoples life complete. Like mine. A life without music is something i don't want to imagine - it is one of the most important things in my life.
Too often I felt the need to post some songs on my blog although it is not meant to be a music blog, but at the same time, these songs just belong to my life and they tell stories. Starting now I will use another blog to post my favourite songs and explain what they mean to me so it doesn't get too much on the Albion.
If you like "club music" (house, minimal, techno) then sorry, but you are wrong there. I like to see music as nothing else but pieces of art - i don't just listen to melodies, much more imporant is the interaction of melody, words, instruments and voices - music for the soul."

Find my music blog here