Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Maria didn't meet Obama


My friend Simon who is currently on vacation in the United States send me this picture. I love it.

Sunday, 26 December 2010


I don't know if i should be sad or lucky that xmas days are over now. It's probably been the best christmas ever but on the other side it's also alot of stress. And by far not as spectacular as everyone says / pretends. At least not here. Speaking about pretending...i hate to put that "friendly xmas" face up. Well k, there have been a few more happy moments this xmas (especially meeting my best friend Lisa), comparing to the last ones. And of course i captured them with my camera which is surprisingly still working because my dog got a little furious when my mum came up with the brilliant idea to transform him into a reindeer. To sum it up: he tackled me WITH the sleigh behind him and i fell over the sleigh, WITH the camera in my hand. It was full of snow and i was in panic. But it turned out alright. Nothing happened. Uff.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Miss Paris

I'd like to take some time to introduce you to the lovely little vintage shop called 'LA BOHEMÈTIQUE' created by "Frau Rockstroh" - an unique online shop on German website 'Dawanda'. When i checked the site for the very first time i was falling in love with this blouse right away. I just had to buy it. Apart from the cute clothes she is selling, she also has a little suprise for everyone who orders something: it might be delicious tea, a chain or a vintage hat - take pot luck!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


This is my new babe. It's called Noah and i love it.
Btw: My cars name is Alex. My netbook's name is Jack. My notebooks name is Amet. I dont know why, but giving my beloved stuff names is making it more personal in my opinion.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

I am a nerd now

I wear glasses now.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

New car


Finally got a new car, after my old little Opel Corsa B(astard) decided to get broken for once more (20 times = not enough). It's not exactly an Audi but it definately is a pretty, fast, huge car. Just what i wanted. Here's my prince:

I like my new job quite alot, have now had my first holiday and took the time to travel to Berlin to visit a concert of an awesome Irish folk band called The Sandsacks. I know them since 3 years now but they still manage to amaze me everytime i see them :-)

I also FINALLY had the time to meet up with friends (everyone thinks i forgot them, but i basically just didn't have the time :() and got to think about my life, love, goals...
whenever i will die, I will die of mental exhaustion, definately.

I lived my dreams today
And I have lived it yesterday
And I'll have lived it tomorrow
No don't look at me that way
Well I hear the words you say...
But my heart has gone astray [The Libertines - The man who would be king]

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tattoo Number 2

I totally forgot to mention my new tattoo. I tend to forget about my tattoos haha..when somebodies like "heh whats that on ur wrists" it ALWAYS takes me longer than 10 seconds to realize I've got one. I got it just thursday, it's still in the oh-so-painful healing process. Here's a picture:

I just wanted to get an Ankh but it turned out to have a triple meaning.
1. The Ankh itself -> egyptian sign for joy / appreciation of life.
2. Crucified Jesus. I deny every religion. There is a HUGE border between RELIGION and BELIEVE in my opinion. God doesnt live in Churches...
3. A sword as sign of strength. It doesnt need a close look to see the sword in it ;-)
It turned out that everyone see's something different in it, some see the sword, some jesus, others the ankh... The process of getting it was not painful, more like a massage at times haha seriously.. the healing tho is very painful. Let's hope it'll still look great in the end.

Erfurt, year 1510

Spend the weekend in medieval Erfurt. Every year in June, theres a huge medieval festival in my lovely city Erfurt, called "Krämerbrückenfest" (mr.google knows better folks). Started out on Friday when my dear friend Anna invited me to join her watching her friends, the English band "Bleeding Hearts" @a gig in the Irish pub of Erfurt. Whilst I discovered the beautiness of a reflex camera , my friend Eric found his soulmate in singer Steven.

Saturday i was off to meet some LARP-friends -> live role players. Knights and elves fighting with sword and axe. I did always make fun of them but in the end it turned out to be a great way to just forget all your problems and dive into a new (old :P) world - the world of the medieval ages. Great people i tell ya.. I now bought my outfit for the next medieval festival to come in August. Salve!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Meanwhile in Prague...

Stop blaming me for not posting anything since 39393 years. I've been busy. Sooo busy you cannot imagine how busy i was. No, actually I wasn't. What i needed to do is to sort my life out. And guess what. I am still NOT done with that. If too many bad things happen at once it is hard to get up to your feet and restart enjoying life. I just keep on telling me: things will get better, things will get better, yes they will... in 1 year time you'll be rich n lucky n all. YES I CAN!

Till that day i will just keep on distracting me with random journeys. Last sunday 2 friends of mine and me decided to travel to Prague. I didnt even spend more than 6 € ha! Well, i must be honest n all: I did not expect anything spectecular. I guess it's the stereotypes n prejudices in my mind: how could czech be any beautiful? I was completely wrong! I think Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe (of the ones i have seen so far ..) it is a bit of a mixture of Rome and Paris, but then again, it is something completely new...

Saturday, 1 May 2010

The memories that touch our heart, will never fade...

† 25 April †

On Sunday something tragic happened. Something, that cannot be understood.

He was a pastor. "A good one, a unique one", that was what everyone said. Always had an open ear for everyone. If you had any problems , he would try to solve it. Any problem - but his own problems.

At the age of only fiftynine he committed suicide.

The last week was a dark week. So will the next weeks be. Even worse, if nobody understands why you are suffering. But how could I ever explain what he meant for me. I simply can't. All I can say is that he was much more important to me than everyone thought. I am not talking about love such as between two lovers here. I am talking about friendship.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Erfurt Charme.

Erfurt is the city where people would still look at the sky when there is a plane. Because "it's exciting".

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Cold days in Oldland.

I never even thought about giving this blog up. And I won't. I just couldn't post anything as my internet provider (HELLO VODAFONE! The world would be a better place without you) decided to cause a little bit (or better a "massive") desaster. And my PC was broken for a while. So now i am using an old McOldie PC from oldland. It doesnt even have sound! Ha, welcome to 1968! I can't upload any pictures or videos atm. Just hope it'll all get fixed n better SOON.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Happy New Year

I know I'm a bit late but have been in trouble for couple of days now and couldn't relax. Decided to stay in Erfurt on NYE to keep the budget low :P Partied with my best friend Eric and my mate from work. Great people, great fun. Alot of alcohol. But in the end it was no big deal, just a party like others, there have been better ones. My NYE parties tend to be not-so-great ;( cheers to a new year full of parties, fun and tons of money!