Sunday, 30 June 2013

One week in Albion

England 2013 from Unbilo ontherun on Vimeo.

So i spend the entire past week in Albion... err, i mean in England and Wales. Amazing times! Very diverse as well and - no idea how someone can have so much luck, considering we were in the UK - the sun was shining every single day.

I first went to Liverpool and met Neil there. He showed me his home town and our hotel was located at beautiful Albert Dock - absolutely loved it. Liverpool reminds me very much of my favourite German city..Hamburg. Of course i am not able to post anything without mentioning the word "Beatles" this time and how could i not... they are from Liverpool! So we also had a little Beatles Tour.. 2 museums, the Cavern Club, Penny Lane, Hard days night hotel..

Next we went on to Llandudno, a seaside town in North Wales, absolutely beautiful. Looking at the beach and the palms there it didn't feel much like any part of the UK but more like California. Only the constant smell of Fish and Chips in the air made you remember where you are ;-) We had about 20°C but as the water is quite warm there no one could stop me from swimming in the sea.

On our second Wales day we were driving a little bit further south - to Betws y Coed, a lovely village in the countryside with a large river, waterfalls, stones and trees everywhere. After walking around for a while i found a hidden path alongside the river, it was so beautiful... that was also my favourite of those seven days.

The last days we spend in Chester, an old city near Liverpool, and ultimately in Manchester... as i didn't take a lot of holidays so far this year the next ones are ahead quite soon - just three more weeks. But believe it or not, i don't even know where i am going yet... oops :-) But we love spontanity don't we... see you soon

Mary x

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Düsseldorf Impressions and holiday plans

Impressions of last weekend's trip to Düsseldorf, headed there for a birthday of someone very special :)

...and here's to the next big thing... next week...hooray :-)))

Monday, 3 June 2013

Introducing: The funniest and most exciting blog in the world - Crossroads (by my flat mate Simon :) )

This time I would like to call attention to my flatmates' blog "Crossroads", Simon had the absolutely fantastic idea to just give his everyday life up and travel the world for a couple of months (6-8). But obviously it would be a bit boring to travel alone so he is taking Bernd, the freaking bread with him. Bernd what? Well, Bernd is a German television mascot, appearing every night on Germanys most famous kids channel on TV. The thing with Bernd is, he is a very very depressed bread as his only purpose on TV is to make the kids tired and to make them willingly going to bed - as a result of his monotone voice and boring stories.... pretty bad eh? So since he is always depressed, Simon is now trying to make Bernd feel a little bit better.... and takes him from country to country to show him the beauty of the world outside the television box :-) The kids channel is based in Erfurt and we even got a Bernd Bread statue here, so he is leaving right from home...

Seriously folks..

Check out this page :)

PS: What do you think of my little artwork haha, i designed the header for the blog

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