Thursday, 25 June 2015

Back in my home from home - for 7 days

FINALLY after 3 1/2 years i was flying back to Ireland. It was my fifth time there and this time i went with my mum, since i wanted to keep my promise (i made ages ago) and show her my island :) The weather was amazing (for Ireland) - sun on 6 of 7 days and it was rather warm compared to the other times i have been here. We went from Dublin (didn't stay there, i never considered Dublin a quality place to be), to Cork where i used to live. We stayed in Cork for 3 nights because it is a good base for daytrips to Cobh, Kinsale and Blarney. Then we went on to Killarney - thats when i got excited because finally i got to see things i have actually NOT seen before. Killarney national park was beautiful. We hired two bikes and cycled all the way through the national park with its lakes, mountains, abbey ruins and Torch waterfall. All on the most uncomfortable bikes in the world that is. We only stayed there for a night and our next 3 days base before going home again was Limerick. From there we took daytrips to the Cliffs of Moher and The Burren (fab day), Adare, Lough Gur and Bunratty Castle & Folk Park (a must see!!!!!). So sad to be back in Germany. Ireland feels much more like home and it is not just the beautiful nature, most of all it is the people. Kindness and hospitality, you feel welcome right away and can't sit in a pub on your own for longer than 5 minutes before someone approaches you and chats away. You have to love it. We will be back next year for a trip through Northern Ireland and North West Ireland!

The amazing rental car

At the Old Head of Kinsale - again :-D

Kinsale town

Pretty impressive trees

...and impressive castles

more impressive castles, this one here is Bunratty castle!

Good looking ladies
Killarney national park

Torch waterfall

Cliffs of Moher

The Burren

That cutie

and Irish traffic jams...whyyyy streets so narrow in a country so one will ever now.#ohhihedge

Monday, 1 June 2015

The Boss (of Germany) - meet Herbert Grönemeyer

Yesterday i could tick one thing from my "to do in this life" list off - see Herbert Grönemeyer live. It definately goes to my top 3 concerts I have ever seen. I would honestly like to go 5 more times if i could. It's definately on my to do list for next year now haha. Being 59, he still manages to rock the stage for 3 hours nonstop, he truly beams with power. He is wise with words, a great live singer, a great performer and preacher. The audience was the best i have ever seen myself. When he went off the stage they / we actually got him back on there through singing one of his songs - it just came out of nowhere. Absolutely amazing. I'll let pictures and a video clip speak for themselves here now.

It's been a while... (only about 1 1/2 years oh well)

Time to catch up!! Yes i did think about the blog every now and then. I did know i wanted to keep on updating it, but then again, when you haven't posted for months, where do you start again? Nah, i'm too lazy to post everything exciting i have done in those months / years. < That's the exact conversation i had with myself in my mind again and again. But whenever i went through the blog and all the posts i became a bit sad as well about stopping it. I DO love to look back at what i have been up to, this is my diary after all! Now that I'm gonna be back in Ireland in less than three weeks (and that is something i am definately gonna write a post about) i finally got the time and motivation to catch up. I do NOT want to miss anything in this blog so this is probably gonna be the longest post ever - if anyone (besides me) is actually reading this - my sincere apologies.#sorrynotsorry

Time to dig around in the hard drive... So i have been in England again in 2013..we have been around the peak district and in one of my favourite english cities York. Absolutely great nature. " I loved it all" - even spending a night in a VAN at - 11 DEGREES!!! haha (there were actual icicles in the van the next morning) :)


Started quite well, i finally moved into my *OWN* flat - yes! My first own flat. It could not be in a better location. 2 minutes from shops, 15 minutes from the city centre, 7 minutes from a nice park. Moving was easy thanks to some great help by my dad and my friend Peter. Ok and probably a bit chaotic.

Concert wise i have seen this lot...



Rea Garvey...

and Toto...

It really has been quite a music year. I have also attended Frankfurt music fair and have seen (and been involved in) the creation of what i would call the best Beatles tribute Band, with my favourite person being the Paul ;)

from rehearsing in here... rehearsing for performance on the big stages

Frankfurt music fair with the Hofner people

Then there was Gibraltar and Spain in summer... On this picture you can actually see Africa (Morocco), Spain and Gibraltar at once

And of course, my football addiction didn't come off badly either... through writing fanfictions (yes, football fanfictions, don't even ask) i got to know some amazing people. We all connected with each other and soon became the so called "football foxes" - i seriously love these girls. We have met 4 times now, once we met up to see the Germany - Gibraltar qualification match in Nuremberg together. Next match we are gonna see will be this October.

There would be many many other great moments to post about still but i decided i will leave it with the "best of 1 1/2 years" - i can always decide to edit this post and add some more. I'm so glad i'm back on board now and keep the diary up. Again i would like to state i'm happy bout anyone actually reading and liking this - cause really it's just my public diary i share with friends who i don't see very often :-) and for myself to look back on everything i did.

x M