Thursday, 16 June 2011

Being in a Club with Colin Farrell - and not even noticing it

I am coming up with a very weird topic today. I was looking at all the pictures i took during my time in Ireland in 2008 and got stuck on that one special picture - again. The picture was taken beginning of August at a late night bar in Cork, where my friends and me partied that night. Looking at that pic I always found the guy in the background looking 90% Colin Farrell like but I had too many doubts about it...but today i tried to find a side portrait of Farrell and found the picture below. It is actually him isn't it? The looks (especially hair style!!, but I compared every detail of his facial features) + he lives in Ireland + he shot a movie in county Cork that very time ( see RTE news August 2008 ). And Ireland is like a village, the only real cities with a proper population are Cork and Dublin. What a story to tell. Colin was right next to me - and I didn't even notice ;-(

Farrell, Marion and me

Picture to compare

Another picture taken that night with my beloved Jana

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

About shot dead cats and bad karma

I've had one of my friends from Ireland (where I used to work for couple of months in 2008) over in Erfurt for 2 days - Fun times! Alot of food, private concert in my house, stories about my friend Marion shooting cats, trials to explain why Germans are a d d i c t e d to asparagus (Spargel), weird waiters and playground fun.
Unfortunately i could not serve with anything else but Irish weather though - the first 20 minutes in Erfurt we had to wait for the heavy rain to stop before moving on :( I tried to declare this with my friends bad karma