Saturday, 26 March 2011

On stage with Excalibur Rock Opera in Erfurt

This year is just too good to be true - at least so far. It is only march and I couldn't believe my luck when i was in Italy or in the very first row of James Blunt Concert but it got even better. The Thuringian (which shall be the state i live in) newspaper send me a letter telling me they've chosen me for a role in the amazing medieval rock opera "Excalibur", which tells the story of King Arthur and his sword Excalibur, Sir Lancelot,Merlin and Morgana.

I had 7 days left to find my outfit for the show, i wanted it to be perfect. And as for a lucky coincidence someone could lend me a beautiful dress! I think i will ask her if i can buy it, to use it for more medieval/folk events in the future :-)

Two days ago i found myself being on stage with some brilliant artists like Johnny Logan, Corvus Corax and Judy Weiss!! It was my first big stage experience (and big it was, it took place in the largest concert hall of Thuringia) but it felt so good! I wasn't even too excited, i think the excitement lasted for about 5 pre-stage minutes but it was gone as soon as i stood next to Merlin in the Arthur marriage scene. We then followed King Arthur and his wife walking through the audience. Great stuff! I didn't want it to end and i certainly do not want this to be my last stage experience. I never knew acting could be so much fun! It is not about the attention one gets, it is the feeling of being someone completely different and forgetting everything around you! The role is taking over you before you know it.

When i wasn't on stage i watched the show and it was AMAZING! Especially Michael Mendl in the role of Merlin and Thomas Seitl! You guys made the show perfect! :)

I also met some great people who got chosen for the perfomance as well ( huge shout to Rebecca!! :D )

Having breakfast the morning after the show i read the newspaper as i usually do and guess what I found in there ;-)


Theres me on stage:

And some more pics of the lovely folks I've been with, Rebecca on the first pic, Lukas (who is a friend of mine since 4 years) and me on the second :D

Saturday, 19 March 2011

If this is what we've got, then all we've got is gold - meet Mister Blunt



Last night I've been at the James Blunt concert in Erfurt. It was the best concert I've ever been to. You either love or dislike his music, i think there is nothing in between when it comes to him. Surprisingly the soft music singer turned into a bit of a rockstar. His new album is alot more impulsive and lively then the others. In my opinion, he improves himself from album to album. There was no big show, the main focus was on his music, the words he is singing, which have a deep meaning most of the time.

It was a sitting concert but the crowd didnt want to sit. The fans rushed to the stage, so did I because I didn't see the point in a sitting concert, much to the anger of the security. But in the end, the fans were the lucky ones. I ended up being in the very front row, right infront of Blunt himself, where i took about 30 videos..

Here are two of the videos, just look at his facial expression, this man really means what he is singing. This is what i like most about him - his songs tell the stories of his life:

My friend won VIP tickets so theres a very close look ;-) :

Saturday, 12 March 2011

At the point where praying doesn't help anymore... Help Libya and Japan

The things that are going on in this world right now are crazy and insane. Japan has been hit by a massive natural catastrophe whilst Libyas government is slaughtering its own citizens. Now imagine this would happen wherever you live. Imagine you'd be hit by one of those things. You would be thankful for ever bit of help.

I am reading all those Facebook posts now "praying for Japan". Yes, i believe too. And i think about whats happening there too. But instead of just sitting, waiting wishing you can actually DO SOMETHING. Just think about donating 20 dollars/euro etc.. what are 20 dollars? A fancy meal in a restaurant, a nice shirt, a good book. Or the money for the medicine to save someones life. Think about it..

Click here to help

And here for my German friends

Friday, 11 March 2011

Thank you, John Mayer

Dear John Mayer,

in 2010 i randomly listened to one of your songs on the radio, "your body is a wonderland". While i did so, i was thinking about a present that my brother could give me for my own birthday, as he had no idea. I just said "buy me a John Mayer album". For no big reason, i just liked that song. I didn't even like it very much, i just liked it.

Two months later i found myself being in THE downfall of my life. Really everything was going wrong, i was lost, desperate and weak. Nothing cheered me up. Not my friends, not my family, nothing. But everytime i put on your CD while driving in my car or lying on the couch just thinking your music made me feel so calm. It helped me through the worst time of my life and still, whenever i listen to it a deep feeling of clarity and peace overcomes me.

To cut a long story short...thank you for the music.

with John Mayer - Do You Know Me (LIVE in Saratoga Springs) from Bob Reynolds on Vimeo.