Saturday, 23 June 2012

News from the outernet

Wow, what a life. Now i haven't been very busy on here recently but that comes with the fact that i have been moving to Erfurt now (finally) , haven't had Internet for a month or two and i have indeed been quite busy (except for the car accident week). There is just so much going on in my life right now but all in all i can say that i am the still the happiest bunch of energy ever. This life is crazy. I still have to deal with the fact i am going to ROME on monday. The day i come back, i am basically rushing home just to go back on the road again to an AMY MACDONALD concert in Fulda. And if i am lucky and the magic will continue, i am seeing my country, Germany, in the final of the European Championship. Germany is going completely nuts these days, you see flags all over, we are having massive soccer broadcasting parties and motorcades on the street after they win. And oh do they win. We're having a very strong team again and it is no secret that my crush on German coach Joachim Löw is just as strong ;-) I don't have anything particular to post about so i'll just put up some recent pictures of things that happened in my life these past two months. Enjoy and see you again after Rome.