Monday, 28 November 2011


The reason why I am not posting much around this time is that i am on holidays, my friend Briseida from Mexico came to visit me,it's her first time in Europe ever and i am hosting her on her trip :) We've already been to Berlin and now we're in Thuringia for the rest of the week...I'll be back next week for sure with lots of pictures and videos from the holidays!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Nails nails nails...

No one who really knows me would ever define me as a "girly girl"... what they dont know (and what i don't like to admit) is that i do indeed have a very cheesy site: i love cheesy love romance movies and books, i love "kiss me" by Sixpence None The Richer, fashion and yes...nails. During the past few weeks i discovered my passion for nail design, i started using nail polish but then discovered a less annoying, better looking innovation of German brand "Essence" - Nail Fashion Stickers ! They are easy to put on, last several days and are easy to take off too. All cost about 2 Euro only. I can highly recommend them!!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Where is the love

Looking at the world as it is now, as it always was, i wonder if humans will ever learn. There is NO need for war, NO need for depression NO need for crime. If all of us would be open minded AND open hearted this world could be nothing else but paradise. Spread love. Not hate. We are one, we are a whole big family and none of us must be alone. Such an easy message, yet so hard to understand for so many of us.
100 people were asked about their greatest wish. 78 answered with "Universal peace".
You may think this sounds quite good. I do not agree. My question is: Why only 78....
The reason i come up with this is . I booked my flight back to the place i like to call home, Cork - Ireland for December/January. I also already booked my b&b for the first week in Cork City, but as we would like to spend another one nearby at the seaside i decided to look for a host at couchsurfing. CS is a place like no other. Whoever wants to travel, alone or not alone (because you WILL meet great people wherever you go) should take this into consideration. It is one of the most heart warming things i have ever seen. Please take your time and take a look at this truly beautiful, humanly network. We need people like this.