Monday, 28 February 2011

Black Swan

I am sure that all of you have heard of the brilliant movie "Black Swan" before, especially now that everyone talks about it after it won 4 (deserved!) Oscars :-)))
Watching the movie i got more and more fascinated, because i was seeing myself in Natalie Portmans role "Nina". Inspired by this, i was trying to get a picture of me "Black Swan style". This tutorial helped me applying the make up the way it should be applied:

Here we go:


Ms Black and White she has never seen a shade of grey


Did i mention i like to play with darkness....?

Sunday, 27 February 2011

A tribute to friendship


This time i'd like to take the time to thank my friend Tanja for being such an amazing friend. I've known you for about one year now. One year only but it is amazing how much we've been through in that time only, it feels like a lifetime. We've been to so many concerts together, we've cried together, we were experiencing great joys together, we were travelling to prague together, had crazy car incidients, sat and sang with hippies in Weimar, had so many own singing and guitarring sessions at my place and on the lake, useless trips to Erfurt which always turned out to be amazing. I told you all my secrets and i know all of yours. You make me forget my problems and I hope i can sometimes make you forget yours too. I don't ever want to lose you as a friend :-) You are awesome girl

Wednesday, 16 February 2011



There i am, the first step on my way to the big 30! My birthday was on 12th February and as for lucky circumstances a singer who is a friend of mine had a gig in Weimar and i went there with 2 of my best friends. Otherwise i probably wouldnt have been doing anything - i don't like birthdays. I don't like that idea of a "forced party" (you MUST go there because it is the BDAY party etc..) anyway, Simon captured the moment of becoming 21 on his phone camera - i had to cut the video because there is no way i want you to see me "dancing" if you can even call it dancing... :P ..that is why there is a watermark on the video. I know i sound very whiny in the video but actually i was for a moment haha, 21 aah thats one more step to being adult. All in all it was an odd night, with alot of confessions and very very weird conversations with crazy drummers

Wednesday, 9 February 2011



Ciao a tutti..

I want to start this post with one sentence: thank you for the best week of my life. I never felt more relaxed, more free and more myself than in this week and i hope to keep these things in my heart AND mind. Thank you for the amazing days i could spend there. Within just 1 single week i have been through 1000 adventures, 1000 insider jokes and 1000 laughs a day :-)

However, getting to Parma was not even as easy as i thought. Not only that i had an one hour delay at the Romes Airport where i needed to catch up on my plane to Parma, i also had to fly to Bologna due to the fog in fog-city Parma. In Bologna i managed to get on the 17people-bus, they organized for us although we were about 30 people(by fighting my way trough ahah). When i finally met him i was pretty exhausted and we were both pretty dumb on the first day, all shy because we never met each other before in "real life". But that changed extremely soon. It was like we've known each other for years..and yeh..we do.

I've had a rather amazing time in Parma, Bologna and Venice. Pictures to be found on my facebook page.