Wednesday, 16 February 2011



There i am, the first step on my way to the big 30! My birthday was on 12th February and as for lucky circumstances a singer who is a friend of mine had a gig in Weimar and i went there with 2 of my best friends. Otherwise i probably wouldnt have been doing anything - i don't like birthdays. I don't like that idea of a "forced party" (you MUST go there because it is the BDAY party etc..) anyway, Simon captured the moment of becoming 21 on his phone camera - i had to cut the video because there is no way i want you to see me "dancing" if you can even call it dancing... :P ..that is why there is a watermark on the video. I know i sound very whiny in the video but actually i was for a moment haha, 21 aah thats one more step to being adult. All in all it was an odd night, with alot of confessions and very very weird conversations with crazy drummers

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