Saturday, 12 March 2011

At the point where praying doesn't help anymore... Help Libya and Japan

The things that are going on in this world right now are crazy and insane. Japan has been hit by a massive natural catastrophe whilst Libyas government is slaughtering its own citizens. Now imagine this would happen wherever you live. Imagine you'd be hit by one of those things. You would be thankful for ever bit of help.

I am reading all those Facebook posts now "praying for Japan". Yes, i believe too. And i think about whats happening there too. But instead of just sitting, waiting wishing you can actually DO SOMETHING. Just think about donating 20 dollars/euro etc.. what are 20 dollars? A fancy meal in a restaurant, a nice shirt, a good book. Or the money for the medicine to save someones life. Think about it..

Click here to help

And here for my German friends

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