Saturday, 19 March 2011

If this is what we've got, then all we've got is gold - meet Mister Blunt



Last night I've been at the James Blunt concert in Erfurt. It was the best concert I've ever been to. You either love or dislike his music, i think there is nothing in between when it comes to him. Surprisingly the soft music singer turned into a bit of a rockstar. His new album is alot more impulsive and lively then the others. In my opinion, he improves himself from album to album. There was no big show, the main focus was on his music, the words he is singing, which have a deep meaning most of the time.

It was a sitting concert but the crowd didnt want to sit. The fans rushed to the stage, so did I because I didn't see the point in a sitting concert, much to the anger of the security. But in the end, the fans were the lucky ones. I ended up being in the very front row, right infront of Blunt himself, where i took about 30 videos..

Here are two of the videos, just look at his facial expression, this man really means what he is singing. This is what i like most about him - his songs tell the stories of his life:

My friend won VIP tickets so theres a very close look ;-) :

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  1. Toller Bericht, tolle Show! Er kommt diesen Sommer auch nach Cloppenburg, was hier in der Nähe ist. Vielleicht gehe ich hin, wird eine Open Air Veranstaltung.