Monday, 1 June 2015

The Boss (of Germany) - meet Herbert Grönemeyer

Yesterday i could tick one thing from my "to do in this life" list off - see Herbert Grönemeyer live. It definately goes to my top 3 concerts I have ever seen. I would honestly like to go 5 more times if i could. It's definately on my to do list for next year now haha. Being 59, he still manages to rock the stage for 3 hours nonstop, he truly beams with power. He is wise with words, a great live singer, a great performer and preacher. The audience was the best i have ever seen myself. When he went off the stage they / we actually got him back on there through singing one of his songs - it just came out of nowhere. Absolutely amazing. I'll let pictures and a video clip speak for themselves here now.

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