Monday, 3 June 2013

Introducing: The funniest and most exciting blog in the world - Crossroads (by my flat mate Simon :) )

This time I would like to call attention to my flatmates' blog "Crossroads", Simon had the absolutely fantastic idea to just give his everyday life up and travel the world for a couple of months (6-8). But obviously it would be a bit boring to travel alone so he is taking Bernd, the freaking bread with him. Bernd what? Well, Bernd is a German television mascot, appearing every night on Germanys most famous kids channel on TV. The thing with Bernd is, he is a very very depressed bread as his only purpose on TV is to make the kids tired and to make them willingly going to bed - as a result of his monotone voice and boring stories.... pretty bad eh? So since he is always depressed, Simon is now trying to make Bernd feel a little bit better.... and takes him from country to country to show him the beauty of the world outside the television box :-) The kids channel is based in Erfurt and we even got a Bernd Bread statue here, so he is leaving right from home...

Seriously folks..

Check out this page :)

PS: What do you think of my little artwork haha, i designed the header for the blog

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