Sunday, 24 October 2010

New car


Finally got a new car, after my old little Opel Corsa B(astard) decided to get broken for once more (20 times = not enough). It's not exactly an Audi but it definately is a pretty, fast, huge car. Just what i wanted. Here's my prince:

I like my new job quite alot, have now had my first holiday and took the time to travel to Berlin to visit a concert of an awesome Irish folk band called The Sandsacks. I know them since 3 years now but they still manage to amaze me everytime i see them :-)

I also FINALLY had the time to meet up with friends (everyone thinks i forgot them, but i basically just didn't have the time :() and got to think about my life, love, goals...
whenever i will die, I will die of mental exhaustion, definately.

I lived my dreams today
And I have lived it yesterday
And I'll have lived it tomorrow
No don't look at me that way
Well I hear the words you say...
But my heart has gone astray [The Libertines - The man who would be king]

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