Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tattoo Number 2

I totally forgot to mention my new tattoo. I tend to forget about my tattoos haha..when somebodies like "heh whats that on ur wrists" it ALWAYS takes me longer than 10 seconds to realize I've got one. I got it just thursday, it's still in the oh-so-painful healing process. Here's a picture:

I just wanted to get an Ankh but it turned out to have a triple meaning.
1. The Ankh itself -> egyptian sign for joy / appreciation of life.
2. Crucified Jesus. I deny every religion. There is a HUGE border between RELIGION and BELIEVE in my opinion. God doesnt live in Churches...
3. A sword as sign of strength. It doesnt need a close look to see the sword in it ;-)
It turned out that everyone see's something different in it, some see the sword, some jesus, others the ankh... The process of getting it was not painful, more like a massage at times haha seriously.. the healing tho is very painful. Let's hope it'll still look great in the end.

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