Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Erfurt, year 1510

Spend the weekend in medieval Erfurt. Every year in June, theres a huge medieval festival in my lovely city Erfurt, called "Krämerbrückenfest" (mr.google knows better folks). Started out on Friday when my dear friend Anna invited me to join her watching her friends, the English band "Bleeding Hearts" @a gig in the Irish pub of Erfurt. Whilst I discovered the beautiness of a reflex camera , my friend Eric found his soulmate in singer Steven.

Saturday i was off to meet some LARP-friends -> live role players. Knights and elves fighting with sword and axe. I did always make fun of them but in the end it turned out to be a great way to just forget all your problems and dive into a new (old :P) world - the world of the medieval ages. Great people i tell ya.. I now bought my outfit for the next medieval festival to come in August. Salve!

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