Sunday, 26 December 2010


I don't know if i should be sad or lucky that xmas days are over now. It's probably been the best christmas ever but on the other side it's also alot of stress. And by far not as spectacular as everyone says / pretends. At least not here. Speaking about pretending...i hate to put that "friendly xmas" face up. Well k, there have been a few more happy moments this xmas (especially meeting my best friend Lisa), comparing to the last ones. And of course i captured them with my camera which is surprisingly still working because my dog got a little furious when my mum came up with the brilliant idea to transform him into a reindeer. To sum it up: he tackled me WITH the sleigh behind him and i fell over the sleigh, WITH the camera in my hand. It was full of snow and i was in panic. But it turned out alright. Nothing happened. Uff.

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  1. haha a great story :D found it also GREAT to have seen you again after that long time ^^