Saturday, 30 July 2011


"What is it a ship?" asked my friend...
My answer:

"The idea of the Albion was created by Pete Doherty and his band- and ex best mate Carl Barat. It is the ship en route Arcadia, the paradise everyone can create in their head. A dreamland free of any laws and moral standarts, just liberty. But in fact, the journey is the destination. We all know that. Arcadia is the highest of dreams but who knows, maybe i will once end up saying This is it. Arcadia. Maybe in this life, maybe after this life."

In Peters words: The symbolism is that Albion is a passageway to Arcadia, a utopian society without rules or boundaries, where "life trips along, pure and simple as a shepherd's song." Mentaly of good deeds, freedom and lust of life.

After all those years i can still identify myself with it, I'd even describe myself with that one word: Albion. I live the idea, i always did, ever since i know about it. It means everything to me.
Pictures below: (1) My Albion tattoo which i got in September 2008 in Ireland [Munster Ink] (2;3;4) Pictures taken at a shooting in 2010 (5) Random photography by Chris

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