Monday, 4 July 2011

Partner blog: The Spirit of Sound

"Music. It is accompanying everyones life, it makes our mood swing, it brings up memories, it makes us dance, it makes us sing, it makes some peoples life complete. Like mine. A life without music is something i don't want to imagine - it is one of the most important things in my life.
Too often I felt the need to post some songs on my blog although it is not meant to be a music blog, but at the same time, these songs just belong to my life and they tell stories. Starting now I will use another blog to post my favourite songs and explain what they mean to me so it doesn't get too much on the Albion.
If you like "club music" (house, minimal, techno) then sorry, but you are wrong there. I like to see music as nothing else but pieces of art - i don't just listen to melodies, much more imporant is the interaction of melody, words, instruments and voices - music for the soul."

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