Monday, 24 September 2012

Germany - Faeroe Islands

Oh my...busy days beyond me, i was thinking about where to start and whether to put it all down into one post or two or three different posts and i have chosen the latter... It all started with the match Germany: Argentinia in Frankfurt. I was there and my new hobby started there - seeing football matches live. I have already been obsessed about football when i was a child, going to couple of matches with my father, even to Leverkusen, which is next to Cologne - that means it is very far from where i live. Now so, my obsession never really stopped but since 2010 i am all on for soccer again. The match was brilliant, our team strong and we won 3:0 ... Next stop: Berlin? Let's see if we can do it...

With Maren who i have met on Facebook in a Jogi Löw group.. ;)

Mats Hummels after the match

Our goalkeeper Neuer - what he did during most of the match.. :P

Germany - and our current goal - the qualification for the World Cup in Brasil

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