Saturday, 18 August 2012

Germany - Argentina

National Anthem Germany @ Germany - Argentina 15th August 2012 from Unbilo ontherun on Vimeo.

I made one my biggest dreams come true. Again. This is definately the summer of realized dreams for me :-) Since I am 12 I aaaalways wanted to see the German team play live. Now I did! My friend and I went to Frankfurt by car to see the friendship match between Germany and Argentina. And although we lost, it was one of the very best experiences of my life. I cannot describe the athmosphere. After a first glance into the arena Karsten and I quickly turned around - because it took our breath away! It really left me breathless. There is no such feeling like 50.000 voices singing the national anthem :-) And another very personal wish came true: i finally got to see Mister Joachim Loew and his assistant trainer live with my own two eyes... complete happiness overload. PS: i already got a new ticket... for a Germany match that will take place in 3 weeks. My life is complete (no joke - it really is. Thank you universe)

I am currently on vacation in Freiburg and will come up with an extremely exciting post quite soon...

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