Saturday, 22 December 2012

"What are you doing?" "I am looking at Aer Lingus' website, checking for a flight for you"

...and this is literally how it started. I actually took some days off to go to Belgium in order to see a friend...but unfortunately, poor Briseida broke her ancle and we had to postpone the trip. So i thought - well, why not ask Patrick...two and a half weeks later i found myself in Munich, sitting in a plane about to start off to Dublin. Landing in Dublin all i could think was: what the actual fuck are you doing. Now i know, i did the best thing ever. I went there to meet lovely Patrick, who i got to know on a commons friends birthday party in 2008. I visited him in January and that is where the friendship began. By now i consider him one of the most special persons in my life. My spontaenous trip to Ireland was (to say it in Irish words) "the craic"! I have had the most amazing and funny times, met some amazing people, seen amazing things like the Giants Causeway, all up north... got to drive a huuuge car on Ireland motorways, by coincidence found out that my favourite band ( Check them out in the link i put below!!!) are in Dublin whilst i was there and spend two days in the UK - Belfast. Whenever I have been to Ireland, I have been in county Cork only (except for a day or two...) so this was completely new and exciting to me :-) Thank you Pat for the a m a z i n g time...! Best of all: if we are lucky, he will be in Germany with me on friday! If we are not lucky...I will be flying to London on Saturday. I cannot stop thinking about how crazy my life is and i could not love it more! I am thankful to have a good job, amazing friends, the best flatmate in the world, a lovely family...and generally, a good life. Not many have such a life and i know that i can feel blessed about it - and i do, i do...


  1. If you are in London for New Year's eve, maybe we'll bump into each other, as I'm gonna be there for a week from next Friday...

  2. :-) That would be awesome, i'll definately give you a shout IF i'll get there