Saturday, 5 January 2013

2012 and New Years tour around Germany

By the end of 2011 i said "2012 can't be even better, that's impossible." I was proved (very) wrong. Not only did i find a new job, which i feel so much more comfortable with, but I also found love, travelled to Ireland (2 times), Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, France, UK and around Germany, I went to brilliant concerts such as Amy MacDonald or Train, made new friends and had all the fun in the world! All of this is incredible and fascinating and i cannot even wait for the future, there is so much more ahead! USA and Bruce Springsteen in June, for example. But the last month of 2012 has really been the best. I have been to Ireland to visit my friend, now he was in Germany which lead me to tour around my own country and see places i have never even seen before, especially up in the north, it was beautiful! And i never even knew how crazy Germans can be. All that time travelling i pretended to be Irish so Pat wouldn't feel too lost and it amazes me to see how friendly and fun Germans can be :-) Cheers to that and cheers to another happy year!

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