Monday, 23 May 2016

Brussels - unexpectedly friendly

What defines a great city? Is it the architecture, nightlife, history, the sights ? For Brussels i can say: it is the people. I have been to Belgium several times in my life, most of the that time was spend in beautiful fairytale city Bruges. So with not too many expectations i made my way to Brussels - by car - to visit a friend that I have knwown since I was 14 but never met in "real life" outside of the internet. I was hoping we would also get along that well in the outernet world and boy we did! It was like we have met so many times before and felt natural! I loved staying, laughing, talking, dancing with that girl in such a vibrant city. It didn't even take 30 minutes in the city until I realized how helpful, genuinely nice people are. I'm used to people ignoring each other in big cities or capitals even but there I got the impression everyone is kind of looking at each other and keeping an eye out for each other. When you look lost, it won't take long till somebody offers you help. The cashier at the supermarket will pack your bag, the car will stop for you, if you have questions people will go out of their way to help you. I felt very much at home very quickly. There was even a moment when I was just walking in a random park in Brussels with my ear plugs in listening to music when this guy and his daughter look at me and i can tell they say something so i approach them and pull the plugs because i think they are tourists looking for help and he tells me he was actually looking at the park and ducks but that i look 'marvelous and beautiful' too. Dont remember the last time my face turned that red . What makes Brussels is their people. I fell in love with it so much that I'll be back next week. Right after I come back from Egypt, where I am headed in two days thanks to airline Germania (will love you forever ):-) and I can't wait.

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