Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The dream of flying

Being an aquarius, it isn't hard to guess what i love most: my freedom. But it is often hard to shake off difficulties at work, personal struggles, financial struggles, anything that is running wild in your mind. Easy to guess why flying caught my interest - there is no greater feeling of freedom and nothing that can make you "let go" more easily. Although I have always enjoyed flying (in a big passenger plane that is, mostly Ryanair..ugh!) and anything regarding aviation it only hit me few years ago. I was reading a book called "Dance with wings" by Amelia Carr about a woman pilot and the story of her life as a pilot and her love during a time of war - i can only recommend reading it, it's such an amazing captivate story about a very strong woman. That's when I really started getting the idea of informing myself : what does it take to become a pilot? One of the first things I found out is that first of all it takes a minimum of 10000 €. Which frankly speaking, I don't have. Since then the whole idea was but in the back of my mind. A year later i met the step father of my step dad (ya i know ), who has been a glider pilot all his life. Whenever we get together now the whole family sighs, mentally waves us goodbye and says "later guys" since they know we will spend the rest of the day talking planes no matter what is happening around us. I find myself more interested in motor planes and not glider planes (although it would be the cheaper option). Personally i find myself flirting with Cessna's and Piper's a lot more. It was this year that i started realizing fulfilling this dream is inevitable for me in my life. I have different goals than other people. I don't save money for a brand new car, for a house or for furniture. I don't see myself with children, I never have - I have chosen another life. I only ever saved money for journeys . So this is the first time I am actually dedicated on saving my money for something else and not a journey - yes, I want to get my pilot license. Yes, it will probably take years until i have saved up all that money that i need but i have a strong will and belief. The whole idea was sealed when i took my grandmother on a plane this year. She always mentioned how she was sad that one thing she never did in her life - flying. I kept that in the back of my mind and last christmas i gave her - not my heart, she always had that, but a flight voucher for a sight seeing flight over Leipzig on a Cessna 172 Skyhawk. I am super glad to say - she bloody loved it. The weather was great, blue sky and sun, mild, hardly any wind. We actually killed two (three) birds with one stone. We took my step mum on board who has never had a flight in her life either and me - well i got to sit in the front and interviewed the pilot about what he does and about how to achieve the license. About the money factor he just laughed and said "Well some people buy a new car, others make their dream come true and get their pilot license!" I looked out of the front window, placed my hands on the yoke and i knew. If you need more reasons on why to become a private pilot, check the pictures below.

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