Thursday, 21 July 2016

The right time to travel to Egypt is NOW - Prejudice vs Reality

"But are you not worried?" is a sentence I have heard about 30 times prior to my journey to Hurghada in may. No, I was not worried. I was not going to travel cross country and besides, I have already heard of Egypts high safety measurements in tourist areas. I felt completely safe going there and was proven to be absolutely right with this conclusion. The number of extremist related terror attacks has been going back by far and especially places like Hurghada are actually super safe.

Worried bout going there? Don't be. We had a feeling of high security from the moment we left the plane with massive security checks both on airports and streets (and hotel complex entrances). People are very friendly and go out of their ways for tourists. You need to understand, this is the main income for the country and it's suffering from the latest lack of tourists. I find it very unreasonable and hard to understand. Egypt is a lovely, amazing country with a wide range of possibilities. From a relaxing beach holiday, to a nile cruise, seeing the Pyramids or simply a diving holiday - there are endless possibilites.

I myself have stayed at the beach for a week thanks to airline Germania , and can only say it was one the greatest holidays I have ever had. Truly relaxing, we were treated like queens, food was lovely (no problems with water or anything, however, we stayed in a hotel [ Makadi Spa ] that is paying a lot of attention and uses water filters for its guests), staff was overly friendly. From horse riding in the desert and at the beach, to snorkelling all day everyday , to swimming with dolphins (yes, literally, out in the blue sea) i had gained some experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Have a look yourself and be convinced. Btw: 41 degrees in Egypt does not feel as hot as 28 degrees in Germany - the air is so much more dry that you simply don't sweat and there is always a mild breeze. May is a great month to travel there.

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