Thursday, 17 October 2013

Rock on, gold dust woman! Meet Fleetwood Mac....

Out of all my concert posts, out of all my posts in general, this is one of the most meaningful ones ... In 2006, so seven years ago, my good old friend Peter S. introduced me to Fleetwood Mac. His words still ring in my head "Check out Gold Dust Woman and The Chain by Fleetwood Mac, Maria." Needless to say, both songs remained my all time favourites... and Fleetwood Mac started to be my favourite band, next to the Rolling Stones. 2 years ago, Peter died, but for me he lives on, particularly in "Gold Dust Woman". And now, in 2013, Fleetwood Mac reunited and started touring the world...having 3 gigs in Germany, there was NO way i could miss it..i went to Cologne with my love, who also likes the band. Sharing this experience with him, made it even more meaningful to me. Unfortunately, Christine McVie did not join the tour, Stevie Nicks actually said the chances that she will ever join the band again are very very unlikely. But the band had the same power as years ago - it is like time stood still. Stevie Nicks voice and moves, Lindsey Buckinghams power.... wow, did he have power!! He jumped around on the stage for 3 whole hours, giving everything, not leaving the stage for even a minute. Another plus..there was no support band - Fleetwood Mac started right at 7 pm. We only get there 5 minutes prior , we were in a shock haha... I did not take a video, unfortunately i forgot my video camera at home, but i took some pictures..and found a video on Youtube (not from this concert obviously lol) ..enjoy the greatest band on earth. YOU WILL ALL RECOGNIZE THIS SONG :-)) Love, M x

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