Monday, 12 August 2013

Summer post #1 ... Dresden and Bastei

Las post end of June... uh oh... time for overdue post number one... i have been really busy since mid July... my flatmate Simon moved out to travel the world... i was on holiday in Dresden... and have my boyfriend over for a month since 19th July... besides, i am still working ;-) Anyway, i finally found some time to least about my Dresden holidays.

Dresden has always been one of my favourite German cities, beside Weimar, Hamburg and Freiburg. It has been almost completely destroyed during 2nd World War but walking through the city you would never think so.. it has been rebuild in an amazing way, still keeping up the old renaissance style buildings... we've been out and about every night, lovely dinners outside on the street, next to palms...many tourists around..i didn't feel like i was in Germany... the weather was boiling hot too...35°C ...well, every fountain was used...even the Elbe river (see picture). We took one day to travel to the "Bastei" , an amazing rock formation about 200 metres above the Elbe, formed million of years ago. Totally fascinating.. even if we had to stop every ten minutes or so as for the weather :-) Many ice creams were needed...!!

x, Mary

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