Thursday, 11 April 2013

Belgium (and a bit of France too)

I spend the Easter weekend with my friends Tanja, Simon, Briseida and Neil in Belgium. The idea was to meet in December but due to an accident that Briseida had , we had to postpone it. As time passed by, more and more friends said they are gonna join so we ended up as a group of 5, which was amazing (except for the fact we had a tiny Audi A1 as rental car lol). We had so much fun, been out for drinks, we have been at the sea side, took a boat trip through Bruges and even went to Lille in France for a day, just for the hell of it to be honest. We had jam sessions in the hotel, having two musicians with us...ate loads and loads and loads... so that i am actually somewhat grateful for the flu i have at the moment because i lost all that weight already. Briseida was already visiting me in Germany two years ago and we decided that next time we should all meet in Mexico, that's the plan then. Instead of posting pictures I'd rather go for just a video this time. x, Mary

Belgium 2013 from Unbilo ontherun on Vimeo.

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