Sunday, 17 March 2013

Even the best things must come to an end...

...two months of touring with The Beatles band ... it's over now. I have been to the last gig on thursday and yes, i could not hold back the tears when saying goodbye. It started with a misunderstanding, evolved to promotion, to friendship, to great times shared together with some amazing, fascinating people. My life was crazy... i have never had that little amount of sleep. I have been all over Germany within just two months. Bavaria, Osnabrueck, Saxony and Lower Saxony..and many other places...every weekend. Thousands of miles driven, thousands of laughs and happy moments shared, many Jack Daniels and Jim Beam with Coke, Ups and downs but mainly Ups.. loads of songs sang, CDs i've sold, videos and picturse i took but all in all... the best time of my life. And after living in Ireland, i didn't think it could get any better. Life proved me wrong. But as all good things must come to and end, this was no exception. I hope to be joining the next tour in January 2014 again and go to a couple of gigs throughout this year. What remains in the meantime are precious memories and friendships made. It changed my life, once again, and opened my eyes on some aspects... some new changes ahead again in my life... i'll take a risk, make a change... and break away...hopefully sooner than later... what's on next is my trip to Belgium for some easter holiday fun. I'll be coming from Germany with two friends to meet our friend Briseida from Mexico, whilst another friend from England is joining. A very fun short holiday awaits... Pictures and videos ( I FINALLY GOT MYSELF A PROPER VIDEO CAMERA!!) i took during the past two months..enjoy the madness haha ;) i am somewhere in the second video at about 1:40... looking very err, high or drunk but i SWEAR i was just high on fun haha

Jam session "Help" from Unbilo ontherun on Vimeo.

 photo image_1363082301993072_zpsc6cfe5fb.jpg  photo DSC00278_zps131e2bb8.jpg  photo DSC00264_zpsbe9a99f5.jpg  photo DSC00254_zpsaf6cea4e.jpg  photo DSC00253_zps88376adb.jpg  photo DSC00238_zpsc324b5c0.jpg

x, Mary

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