Thursday, 11 April 2013

Is this becoming a Beatles blog..!??

... scrolling down on this page one could definately think so. And it is quite safe to say there will be more Beatles posts but my life is not totally ruled by them (yet - haha). I spend my last weekend visiting my friend Sindy. I met on the tour and i think it didn't take more than one evening for us to become friends. We both miss the tour and the music so decided we would have a weekend full of Beatles jam sessions in her room. Also, we took a trip to the absolutely wonderful Beatles Museum - the only one in Germany. There was a room which had this video game thing "Beatles Rock Band" and uhm...we got in...and never left it again. Well, we did, but not before about 60 or 90 minutes had passed haha. Got totally addicted to the game, oh the poor museum staff. Here ya go..probably getting a ticket to HIDE now...

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