Thursday, 1 September 2011

Between work, wedding and vacations

There is a reason why i could barely post anything recently. My dear brother is getting married! It will be the first wedding i ever attented and i am super excited and happy for him! However, the marriage means a l o t of stress for the family and me. It all started yesterday with the "eve of wedding party" (wedding itself is tomorrow). In Germany it is a tradition to throw and break old porcellaine dishes in front of the house. It is said this banishes evil spirits and brings luck to the couple. The more porcellaine, the better.
Now after tidying everything up, i will take my time for the last wedding preparations and to pack my bag for my vacations (starting saturday). I will be off to Palatinate (very west Germany) / Alsace (very east France ;)) for a couple of days. We will stay at a vineyard for the yearly wine festival. Let's just hope i won't be spending ALL the time there being all tipsy ;)

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