Thursday, 25 August 2011

The hairdryer method of saving your phone

Yesterday night i ended up in some really big trouble. Two words: massive thunderstorm. And me in the middle of it. Within just 5 seconds all my clothes and even my leather bag were all soaked. The inside of my shoes turned into little lakes. And worst of all: i needed to run through the city to get to my car. Jumping into the sea would have had just the same result. First thing I checked when coming home was my mobile phone: it was broken, all keys seemed to mix up. Before crying and getting hysteric my brain came up with a really good (but awkward) idea: why not drying it with the hairdryer?

1. Turn phone off if not turned off yet.
2. Take phone apart, move out the battery and cards.
3. Pre-dry your phone with a towel. Dab it, don't rub it.
4. Take your hair dryer and well..dry it. Make sure you keep a certain distance so it doesn't get too hot.

My phone worked perfectly again! And believe me, even my phone was soaked in water. But let's hope this will never happen to yours.

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