Monday, 7 March 2016

Lord almighty i feel my temperature rising - Meet Elvis...

Well, technically speaking Grahame Patrick, not Elvis. But he does come really close and so does his tour plan: 80 shows within less than 5 months speak for itself. The show is called "Elvis - The Musical" and they are currently touring Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Being a tribute and specifically - Elvis - fan, i had to go, it was my christmas present for myself. First row, seat one. I met some Elvis tributes myself in the past - Shawn Klush (who can not be topped by anyone, sorry) and a guy from the same city I live in and what I could tell so far is that a part of all these guys actually does become Elvis. "You really are like him" is a thing you might really be able to say about them. Rockstars on stage, quiet and charming off stage. Patrick and the whole cast and crew made time go back to the sixties last night and it was truly fabulous. 10/10 - do go and see it.

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