Friday, 22 January 2016

Re-Discovering a hobby that enriched my life

Sometime last year i was just randomly going to the shop next door to satisfy my food addiction but then i saw they also had a special offer for A3 paper and charcoal pencils. Now i must say i used to draw when i was around 19-20 , but now i was 25 and didn't touch these things for five years but i took them home with me regardless. These things spend a lot of time in the dark dungeons of the shelf below my couch after that, we are talking months here but one night i DID have the mood to get them out and get started again. The joy and pleasure this hobby gave me can hardly be defined in words. I can only recommend it to everyone who feels like they need to set their mind free sometimes. Now i can't imagine life without drawing and sketching portraits anymore. Yep, very specific, very weird but i'm really not into anything else but portraits. I love people, i love faces , i love...actors. sigh... I am still very far from being a pro and phone pictures look aweful but here are some examples...

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