Tuesday, 3 July 2012

This is the Life! - Meet Amy MacDonald


I first heard "This is the life" by Amy MacDonald in 2007, i found the single on youtube and instantly send a message to my friend Peter which said: LISTEN TO THIS GIRL...she will be famous! ... i was right. From the first moment i heard the song i knew i'd become a big fan of hers. I bought all her albums and i know like 90% of her lyrics by heart. So when seeing she would come to Fulda i knew i just had to go there. Fulda is close to where i live, 1 1/2 hours by car. The concert was just BRILLIANT, i loved every song of hers and she is the one of the most kindhearted people i ever met, as you could recognize just from the way she talked about why she wrote her songs, explaining some backgrounds. Did you know that she wrote the song "Across The Nile" after seeing the change that has been happening in Egypt on the TV? She said she was in tears to see people daring to go for that kind of revolution and grabbed her guitar and wrote the song. Do i need to say anything more...?


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