Thursday, 26 July 2012

Introducing: Laura Hayden


Laura. I first recognized Laura Haydens blog ( ) in 2009, when she started up a blog about working as a model in Japan, where she was living for a few months back then. The blog somehow evolved to what i would like to call a "fashion and lifestyle" magazine, yes, I'd call it magazine. Because it never gets boring, you can't wait for another post by her and as time went by I just couldn't deny how much i admire this girl for what she achieved in her life. Being quite young she made it from a "common model" to a model who works together with companies like Harpers Bazaar, Vogue or Glamour. She even worked for MTV Spain and was one of the presenters at the European Music Awards 2011. Ever since i read the blog, she is one of my greatest idols and role models. Just today i have realized how much she actually affected my own lifestyle. It is incredible how i turned from being quite pessimistic and sort of shy to one of the most cheerful and freest persons ever. I work on achieving my dreams, i fulfill most of them and i do not have fear anymore. Besides, I found my own fashion style and i just enjoy life to the fullest now. I think it was also highly Lauras contribution - and she doesn't even know it (yet..) Thank you, Laura Hayden. ;)

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