Saturday, 15 October 2011

Get on your boots!

Sick at home and lots of time for [FASHION] blogging...cuz how i spend my days sick at home is just not really interesting...and i surely don't want to bother you.
The past week i found some amazing boots on ' fall / winter collection (yes i do tend to surf on spanish sites). I just couldn't let go, i looked at these boots over and over again so i went to find similiar ones (as we don't have a mustang store here and i couldn't find them online)... and yep, i saw the shoes of my dreams in a shopping window. They are very practical, they make me alot taller, improve the way of walking, look extremely nice ( i just love the grunge style ) and are extremely comfortable. For the looks of them, i added a chain to one of the shoes. I also found the hat of my dreams in a shopping window, on the shop window mannequin. The mannequin must now be freezing on its head because it was the last one they had and they gave it to me, ah the luck i had. In (sick) times like these, shopping just makes you happy...and when cleaning up my room (because i've got hell loads of time today) i also found the ring of my dreams, which i lost some time ago :) It kinda represents my ANKH tattoo which i got in 2010.
Have a great weekend x Mary



  1. Was ist denn mit deiner Mietzl passiert? :}

  2. Abgehauen, nachdem der Hund eingezogen ist. Das ist 7 Jahre her und ich vermisse sie dennoch so sehr :(