Wednesday, 27 April 2011

'Tis the season!

I must say that i am the happiest I've ever been. Not right now but generally, I cannot remember any bad day since the start of 2011! This seems to be MY year and i found that everyone is responsible for what happens in his life - for every little thing. Little by little leads to the big thing called life. I started to reconsider life and i wonder why people always make things so complicated when they must not be. We live only once and should enjoy every possible moment of it! I actually hate getting older, saying this at the age of 21. I wish i could stay 21 for a little more than just one year ;-)

A little addition to this perfect year was the easter weekend. I took my friends Simon, Jose and Tanja for a trip to German castle Leuchtenburg, where a big - of course - medieval festival took place. Since i bought my very own sword some weeks ago and having sword training now i admired the sword show fighters..just to find myself in a show fight with them later on! (With a little help from Simon ;) ) ..and even more strange, this day i was discussing about playing the tambourine when jamming with Tanja, who is a guitarist/singer herself. And guess what, later on a band asked me to play the tambourine to accompany the band during one song. It was amazing! I did not even ask to join them - should I start to believe in the law of attraction...? ;)
It was the greatest start of the season i could imagine!

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