Saturday, 2 April 2011

The first book of Albion

Inspired by the book of lost things by John Conolly (i recommend the book to really everyone out there) and Pete Doherty's "Books of Albion" i started creating my very own book of lost things. I used to be very wistful about the fact of having all my pictures saved on the computer screen, but not in anything like a photo album. I felt panic when thinking about "what if someone steals my notebook or it gets broken and all of this will be lost, what's with all my memories then?" But as i cannot simply order +500 pictures to be printed i am using another method now (apart from this blog ;) ). I always kept everything as memory. They are in every edge of my room, old tickets, postcards, notes, photographs ... all unsorted. I bought an empty book, collected all these lost things and started memorizing my life in this book. And in many years when i am very old i will hold this book in my hands and take a trip down in memories of my wonderful life with its highs and its lows. And so it is, and hopefully will continue to be, wonderful and beautiful.


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