Thursday, 20 January 2011

Learned something

I wanted to learn this for years but only today after about 2 hours of trying to find an EASY way to colorkey pictures i finally found a good website explaining it in a way even noobs understand. And in this case, i am a noob. All you need is the wonderful program called "GIMP" (Free Download, just google it. It's similiar to photoshop. Now that I used to work with photoshop i must say gimp has got three advantages: its easier AND its free AND you can do the same things as with photoshop).

Here's the link for my German friends who have the same problem with colorkeying

This is my first ever colorkey picture, it's probably not the best but it's a start:



  1. HEyy.. th'ts a really nice blog. interesting and whatever.. XD

    but anyway... to be honest.. your headliner.. "anywhere in albion"...
    sounds rubbish...

    it should be bette "somewhere in albion"...

    use "anywhere" just in questions.. und negativ sentences wit "nobody is anywhere".. or "i don't wanna go anywhere"... and so on...

    but further and whatever.. greetings to you.. ;)

  2. Thanks for your comment. With the headliner i am refering to a song by the Babyshambles, changing it would destroy the whole meaning so i won't sorry ;)

    May i ask you who you are? It happens rarely that anyone else except my friends discovers this blogs


  3. I thought about it for a while now and actually i think the one i put there now is much better, although i didn't mind Anywhere in Albion as well