Sunday, 13 December 2009

Another drink..and another...and another...

This was probably the greatest fun I've had since my time in Ireland! Yesterday Eric, my best (male) friend and me went to meet a friend at the Bar/Restaurant I work at, but we decided to have a "few" drinks together that night as we know each other since 3 years now and still didnt ever get drunken together. So after some drinks in the Irish Pub "Dubliner" we went to meet our friend and talked for couples of hours. And ordered a drink..and another..and the end I think I've had like 3-4 glasses of white wine + 1 Daiquiri and Eric just had loads of Heineken and Kikenny beers.. afterwards we went to the Irish Pub again, had 2 more drinks, went to the children's playground and then back home. The whole evening / night was great fun.
See what happened...:

I'm pretty much looking forward 2 next weekend now :-)

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