Friday, 11 December 2009

About the victims of cat fairy and xmas markets

If you live in Erfurt there is one thing that you have to do at least once a year: take your best friend to the xmas market. It seriously is the most beautiful one you will find in Germany, full of lights, drunken people and medieval music. Lisa and me didn't even drink anything but everyone who was looking at us was like "oh god, they r soo awkward". (Thanks to Lisa's incredible laughter which sounds a bit like a mix of a human, a bird and a pig and my inability to stand on my own two feet when laughing rly hard). Yep we are. Lisa + Maria = Disaster :-) Love it. Lisa and me are friends since about 10 years and we've been through the most the crazy and embarassing things and we've also travelled alot 2gether. I love her, i wouldn't ever want to miss her in my life. <3

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  1. what a great evening :D awwww and so sweet words just for me, love ya 2!!