Friday, 17 May 2013

Moin Moin...!!

Over the past view months i have developed a very very serious crush on Germanys most beautiful city - Hamburg..!! And for job and private reasons i have to go there quite often at the moment - not like i would complain. Everytime i drive into Hamburg over it's famous bridges (did you know it is the city with the most bridges in Europe) i always get goosebumps... !! And whenever i leave, i have tears in my eyes. Yes, it is the big love i suppose. In fact, i just came back from another busy weekend in "HH" (which is the short version for Hamburg), this time there was really busy as the yearly harbour birthday with over 1 million visitors was taking place at the time. What an experience!! I cannot describe that feeling in words, the one you get when a HUGE cruise ship - this time the MS EUROPA 2 - is passing you by blowing "happy birthday" with its horns, so loud that you think the earth is shaking.... At the moment my phone display is not really working and almost always really dark so i am not taking many pictures before i get a new one and the quality is not good but better than nothing... Oh...and...yes, sorry... i must admit... i couldn't resist joining the Beatles Tour through St. Pauli having a Mc Cartney double on my side.... Hamburg, in fact the red light district around famous REEPERBAHN, is where the career of the fab four began.

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