Friday, 11 May 2012

Ain't that mister on the radio...? Meet Train!


Last night I've been in Frankfurt at a concert of the American band "Train" known for singles like "Drops of Jupiter", "Hey Soul Sister" or "Drive by"....i loved them ever since i first heard them on the radio! WHAT.A.CONCERT. This band knows how to rock a club....everything was great. The support acts, the music and especially the show. They gave a guitar and shirts, drum sticks etc to their fans and even had some time for autographs afterwards. Unfortunately i wasn't that lucky although i was standing in the first row. Guess i'm just too small ain't i ;) Patrick Monahan, the singer of Train, does not sound any different as in the studio. His voice gave me goosebumps and while listening to their songs i truly felt the words they sang, memories of people (huge shout to el capitan!) and moments came up to my mind and it turned out to be one of the best nights i ever had. Thank you train , for this evening.

Here's some footage for you ! I highly recomment the first video (sorry bout the other 2 for the zooming parts, forgot to tell my friend that this does not really work with my camera)


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