Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Todays nails, tomorrows problems

Essence nail stickers are great yes but sticking to no more than 20 nail designs? Dear essence: that is not a good idea. So i had to become a little creative on my own. Takes ten times longer but well worth the effort. Prepare to be overspammed with more nail posts in the future. It's still my not-so-secret obsession!

Besides creating new nail styles my brain is already looking for its white flag. I am currently looking for a flat. Sounds easy ? Not here. I'm looking for one since about 2 months now and by now i know every Exposé on the internet. Dear Germany: you are too complicated. Besides, i forgot to socialize except on facebook. I want to write posts and realize there is nothing to post about at the moment. I should possibly go to the outernet now and do crazy insane things, to remember what fun means ;) can't be too difficult.

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